Logik-e Softwood Pellet Fuel
Logik-e Softwood Pellet Fuel
Logik-e Softwood Pellet Fuel

Logik-e Softwood Pellet Fuel

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Experience the warmth and comfort of Logik-e Softwood Pellet Fuel. Crafted from 100% pure hardwood without bark, these pellets are denser and drier than average, with moisture levels kept between 4-8%. Enjoy more heat, less ash, and cleaner burning- plus no unwanted dirt, insects, or moisture.

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Logik-e Softwood Pellet Fuel

Logik-e Softwood Pellet Fuel

Regular price $8.99
Regular price Sale price $8.99

Pickup & Delivery

How can I pick up my pellet fuel order from your location?

You can securely collect your pellet fuel during our regular business hours. Upon arriving at our facility, please present your receipt. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with a swift and streamlined loading experience. Kindly note, if your order is placed after 4 PM, it will be ready for pickup on the following business day.

I'm interested in having my order delivered. How do I arrange this?

We'd be happy to deliver your pellet fuel right to your doorstep! For delivery services, there's a minimum requirement of two tons or two skids, and an associated delivery fee. To schedule a delivery in your area, simply place your order online and reach out to our service department at 860-621-5311 or send an email to online@deansstove.com, mentioning your order number. Do remember, our delivery service caters exclusively to Connecticut residents. If your online order is placed after 3 PM EST on Saturday, please expect a call by Tuesday, as we're closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Product Highlights

🌳Main Ingredient: Crafted from 100% pure softwood without any bark for a cleaner and more efficient burn.

❄️Warmth and Comfort: Designed to envelop your home in warmth during the colder months.

🔥High-Caliber Fuel: Denser and drier than average wood pellets, ensuring efficient heating.

🍁Canadian Craftsmanship: Proudly made in Canada with strict quality standards.

💧Optimized Moisture: Moisture levels maintained between 4-8%, guaranteeing a cleaner and hotter burn.

♻️Sustainability: Made from responsibly managed forests, aiding in sustainable living.

🧹Low Maintenance: Generates less ash content (0.3%) compared to standard wood pellets, which means less frequent clean-up.

🌡️Superior Heat Output: Offers an exceptional 8,700 BTUs per lb., ideal for combating the cold.

💲Value for Money: Provides high-quality heating at a reasonable price.

🌳Environmentally Friendly: Contributes to responsible forestry practices.


🇨🇦 LogiKé
🇺🇸 Manufactured: In the USA for PWI Industries Inc.

🪵Fuel Type:100% Softwood - Pure and natural for a genuine burn.

📦Packaging Details: Each skid contains 60 bags.

⚖️Weight: Weight per bag is 40 lbs., and weight per skid is 2450 lbs.

🌬️Ash Content:A minimal 0.32%, translating to just 6.4 lbs. per ton - ensuring cleaner burns.

🔥BTU per lb: An impressive 8,700 BTU's per lb - Powerful heat output for optimum cooking.

FAQ section

Here are some of the most popular questions we get from new customers

What sets your pellet fuel apart from others on the market?

Our pellet fuel undergoes stringent third-party testing and certification, ensuring an ultra-premium quality. By handpicking only the best, we offer fuel free from fillers or binders, ensuring optimal efficiency and heat output.

Why does quality matter when it comes to pellet fuel?

The quality of pellet fuel directly impacts the maintenance, lifespan, and cleanliness of your stove. More importantly, superior quality means more heat for your money, resulting in tangible savings and enhanced warmth.

How can I be sure your pellet fuel offers the best value for my money?

We pride ourselves on transparency and education. By eliminating the fancy wording tricks prevalent in big box stores and continuously researching the industry, we ensure our customers receive the best product at the best price, without the unnecessary legwork.

Will your pellet fuel work efficiently in any pellet stove?

Absolutely! Our pellet fuel is versatile, designed for optimal performance in all pellet stoves. Its consistency, low moisture content, and high BTU output make it a preferred choice for both new and seasoned pellet stove owners.

How do I arrange for local pickup or delivery of your pellet fuel?

We offer both local pickup and convenient delivery services. For detailed information on scheduling, fees, and other specifics, please visit our Pickup and Delivery page at the top of this page.